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Clothing Supplier & Manufacturer in Philippines



1. Domestic shipment via LBC, Sonic Express, and APCargo 

2. International shipment via Philpost, EMS, and DHL

3. Shipping Cut off from 9:00am to 2:00pm monday to friday

Shipping Time

1. Domestic Order 3-5 business days (Monday to Friday)

2. International 7-15 days

Shipping Rate - Metro Manila

Small Pouch (unli weight) Metro Manila P50.00 (Temporary Rate) 

Large Pouch (unli weight) Metro Manila P60.00 (Temporary Rate)

Shipping Rate - Province

Small Pouch (P145.00 Max of 1kg) Province

Large Pouch (P230.00 Max of 3kg) Province

Custom Packaging (P230.00 up to 3kg addtional + P80.00 per Kg) Province


Shipping Rate - International